Westfield Center/Smithsonian International Harpsichord Academy and Competition


The Westfield Center/Smithsonian International
Harpsichord Academy and Competition

at The University of Maryland at College Park School of Music

Academy – August 6-11, 2012   Instructor: Mitzi Meyerson
Competition – August 12-18, 2012

Following up on our extremely successful fortepiano competition this past summer, the Westfield Center will partner with the Smithsonian Institution to present the second part of the trilogy, the International Harpsichord Competition and summer academy in August
2012 at the University of Maryland at College Park. Westfield will gather a distinguished international jury and young competitors from around the world, preceded by a week of masterclasses and recitals featuring some of the world’s finest performers and teachers. You are warmly invited to attend.

The Competition Jury

Arthur Haas, SUNY Stony Brook (USA)
Charlotte Mattax Moersch, University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana (USA)
Davitt Moroney, University of California, Berkeley (UK/USA)
Christine Schornsheim, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Munich (GER)
Kenneth Slowik, Smithsonian Institution/University of Maryland (USA)
James Weaver (USA), President of the Competition and Summer Academy, Ex Officio

First Prize, $7,500; Second Prize, $3,500—given by the Friends of Music at the Smithsonian;continuo playing and, in certain cases, ensemble direction. While these last two aspects require a considerable amount of rehearsal time to be performed well, a comprehensive grasp of the solo repertoire is no less demanding. This competition and summer academy wishes to encourage and help promote the best young harpsichordists seeking a deeper understanding and more profound realization of the core 16th- through 18th-century solo repertoire through the avenue of instruments, sources, and performance practices familiar to the composer. To this end we have sought out an international jury from both sides of the Atlantic for the competition, and established prizes that include important and visible concert engagements in addition to cash awards.  A Summer Academy just before the competition will be taught by one of the most important teachers and players from America and Europe.

For more details and to apply go to:

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