Clavecin à vendre / Harpsichord for sale

Message from Lillian Gordis:

Zuckermann French Harpsichord for Sale

Dear All,
I am selling my harpsichord as I have finally purchased another one here in Europe.  I am very fond of it and would love for it to find a new home where it will be played regularly. Please find the details posted below !

This instrument was built in 1976 by Katherine Roberts Perl, a San Francisco-based harpsichordist and technician. It is a double manual Zuckermann 18th century French model with a rich, dark sound suited to an extensive repertoire, ranging from early 17th century music to the latest Scarlatti and French composers. There are two 8 foots, a 4 foot and a lute stop. The range is FF – g’’’. The harpsichord was fully redone in 2004 by Kevin Fryer, including requilling, restringing and making the instrument transposing 415/440. Wooden jacks were also installed by Janine Johnson in the mid 1990’s. The soundboard is decorated with a floral design and there is a decorative rose. A new stand was added as well in 2004.  Dimensions are approximate, I can provide exact ones upon request. A music desk, bench and travel cover come with the purchase. It is currently located in Berkeley, CA and is available for showing. The asking price is $12,000.

I used this instrument for seven great years of harpsichord studies and concerts before going abroad a few years ago to study in Paris and now at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. It is sitting silent now and I would like it to be played regularly again and be enjoyed by someone on a daily basis. You can hear the instrument recorded in concert here:

Lillian Gordis



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