New! 2nd edition: Playing the Baroque Harpsichord by Claudio di Veroli


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Ever since the publication in March 2010 of the favourably-reviewed ebook
"Playing the Baroque Harpsichord", work has been ongoing in further
improvements. The recently launched 2nd revised edition includes many minor
and a few major improvements.  As always, throughout the book, the
recommendations are as much as possible based on historical evidence,
current  musicological research and present day performance practice on
Baroque keyboard instruments.

These are the main improvements in the 2nd edition:
- New pictures have been added and more musical examples are quoted
throughout the book.
- A thorough history of the harpsichord and virginal is now included.
- New paragraphs describe common modern-day pitfalls in the interpretation
of ornaments.
- There is a new section on appoggiaturas and coulés.
- New sections deal with ornamented repeats and Rondeau repeats.
- A full treatment of French Baroque Dances has been added.
- There are more details on the performance of the music of J.S. Bach.
- There is more on the use of harpsichord stops, including rarities such as
the 16' and the double-pluck.
- There is a new section on the registration of Handel’s Suites.
- Six new Appendices deal with different harpsichord-related topics.

My sincere appreciation to the distinguished scholars Edward L. Kottick and
David Pickett, who read the "beta" version and  provided valuable
suggestions. My gratitude is extended to readers of the 1st edition for
their comments and encouragement.

Please find full information in the book's webpage:

Bray Baroque books are sold exclusively by

Finally, please note that a free copy will be provided to all our readers
who bought the 1st edition on or after 1st August 2013. They just need to
email me specifying the buyer's name, the date of purchase and Lulu's order

Best Regards,

Claudio Di Veroli
Bray Baroque

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