Urbino Early Music Course | July 2015

Urbino Early Music

47th Edition

July 19 to 28, 2015

« This year we will offer new opportunities for all musicians, both amateurs and professionals. First of all we recommend the Choir course held by Alessandro Quarta, aimed at staging an outstanding program planned at the end of the course including concertato psalms and motets by Händel, Scarlatti, Bencini and other wonderful unknown works.
Thanks to the introduction of two chamber music main courses, each lasting five days and held by Stefano Demicheli and Enrico Gatti, we intend to enhance one of the most valuable aspects that animate the courses in Urbino: playing together. This will be a unique opportunity, in which groups already formed will be welcome, to give life to an artistic experience of the highest level.
This year too the course offers the best teachers available in the in the world of the ‘historically informed performance practice’. Among the novelties this year we point out the singing courses with three special guests: Sara Mingardo, Lia Serafini and Claudine Ansermet, the harpsichord masterclass with Rinaldo Alessandrini, the masterclass recorder with Michael Form and the return of Alfredo Bernardini to the direction of the baroque orchestra.
The course offer will be enriched by a series of lectures held by Enrico Gatti devoted to Diminution and ornamentation in the 17th and 18th Cent. and to the “Pronuntia » of the Violin and string instruments in the 17th and 18th Cent., wich will be free for all participants. »

For more information and to register, click here.

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