Toronto Consort News | May 2015

Ten Things to Know:

1. Despite the title, Daniel is not a play in the traditional sense! The text is sung not spoken. It’s an opera in everything but name.
2. More than 40-strong, the cast features the Consort, VIVA! Youth Singers of Toronto and all-star guest artists!
3. The centrepiece of the performance is Belshazzar’s Feast, the bacchanalian revelry that preceded the fall of Babylon.
4. “The writing on the wall” originates with Daniel, who predicted doom for Belshazzar and Babylon.
5. As pictured above, when Daniel is thrown into the lions’ den, the fierce animals spare him and lick his feet to demonstrate their respect.
6. The all-star cast includes tenor Kevin Skelton (Daniel) who returned to Toronto from Belgium especially for our production.
7. These performances mark the Canadian premiere of David Fallis’ new rhyming English translation of the original Latin text!
8. The stage at Trinity-St. Paul’s will be utterly transformed by Glenn Davidson’s multi-arched set inspired by the beautiful La Mequita cathedral-mosque.
9. The Toronto Consort presented The Play of Daniel 20 years ago, featuring University of Toronto’s Poculi Ludique Societas and The Toronto Chamber Choir.
10. This show is not to be missed!

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