New editions from Saraband Music

New editions from Saraband Music published by Patrice Connelly:

SM111 – Intermediate Consorts in three parts, for TrTB. « Has a lot of my favourite pieces from when I was learning viol many years ago. »

SM112 & 113 – Intermediate Consorts in four parts, Books 1 & 2. Lots of great music for viols from Tomkins, Gibbons, da Rore, Telemann, Fischer and many others.

SM114 – Intermediate Consorts in five parts, for TrTrTTB or TrTrTBB. This is in progress, but should be finished very soon. Music by Praetorius, Tallis, Byrd, da Rore, Holborne, Weelkes, Senfl and others.

Also coming soon will be some duo sonatas by Michel Corrette, books for 2 violins or 2 violas. This is music from his treatises.

Saraband new website is now live. It has been completely redesigned, but we’ve kept all the names of the pages the same.

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