New Early Music Facsimile to Play on : Pièces de Musique by Antoine Carré

Antoine Carré | Livre de pièces de musique pour un dessus, deux guitares & une basse (c1675) 10 Pieces of Music for four instruments: one high instrument "dessus", two guitars & one bass. More details, here. | Plus de détails, ici. Membership means more... Join today! Abonnez-vous et bénéficiez d'avantages ...


October News : Valderrabano, de Visée, Förtsch, and more.

September has been rich of new restorations leading to the publications of five new early music facsimiles. You can discover them listed below. There is vocal music, music for one & two vihuelas, music for treble & bass, English music, French music, Spanish music, music from the XVIth & XVIIth Cent. So, Happy Music ! Le … Continue reading October News : Valderrabano, de Visée, Förtsch, and more.

Binkley Instrument Sale

"Thomas E. Binkley, Ph.D. (1931-1995), was a lutenist and musicologist who was the founding director of the Early Music Institute (now the Historical Performance Institute) at the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, where he taught from 1979 until his death in 1995. During his long career as a performer of medieval music, … Continue reading Binkley Instrument Sale

New! Nouveau! Bartolotti: Libro primo di chitarra (1640)

Je viens juste de finir la restauration de: I just finished restoring: Bartolotti, Angelo Michele | Libro primo di chitarra spagnola (1640) Bartolotti's works include some of the most carefully notated (with precise indications for various playing styles, ornaments, etc.) and advanced guitar music of the period. Plus de détails, ici. | More details, here.

Nouveau! New! Francesco Corbetta

Je viens de finir la restauration de: I just finished restoring: Francesco Corbetta | La Guitarre Royalle (1674) Les deux livres de guitare (1671 & 1674) de Francisque Corbet sont donc maintenant restaurés et disponibles à l'Atelier Philidor. Le facsimile de l'édition de 1674 contient sa partie & contre-partie pour les pièces à deux guitares. … Continue reading Nouveau! New! Francesco Corbetta