Binkley Instrument Sale

"Thomas E. Binkley, Ph.D. (1931-1995), was a lutenist and musicologist who was the founding director of the Early Music Institute (now the Historical Performance Institute) at the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, where he taught from 1979 until his death in 1995. During his long career as a performer of medieval music, … Continue reading Binkley Instrument Sale


Recorders for sale

I recently discovered this website. Very interesting and useful, to my point of view... I added it in the blog's Instruments page. "The place to sell and buy your recorders & flutes A project by Vicente Parrilla. Recorder world was lacking a proper place for classified recorder listings. Until now. This website aims to become … Continue reading Recorders for sale

The Harpsichord Clearing House

A useful website for those looking for buying an early keyboard... Une adresse utile pour ceux qui recherchent un clavier "ancien"... "The Harpsichord Clearing House specializes in the global sale, restoration and repair of new and used harpsichords, virginals, clavichords, positive organs and early pianos. In addition we offer consultation services for any of these … Continue reading The Harpsichord Clearing House

Important information: Update on Ivory

A Message from David C. Kelzenberg, Secretary, Historical Keyboard Society of North America: "URGENT: Upcoming deadline for submitting comments for the Revised Proposal relating to Ivory Dear Musician Friends: This important information impacts all of us who work with/deal with antique instruments.  Please take a moment to respond as described herein, and pass this along … Continue reading Important information: Update on Ivory

Musicien recherche flûte | Musician looking for a flute

Musicien recherche flûte en ivoire à acheter, soit copie d’ancien (notamment par Alain Weemaels ou Eugène Crijnen), soit ancienne à une clés ou à cinq clés. Serait également intéressé par une flûte an cristal anonyme ou signée (Claude Laurent ou JD Breton). Merci de contacter Benoît Bayle à Musician looking for an ivory one-key … Continue reading Musicien recherche flûte | Musician looking for a flute

Violes de gambe à vendre | Viola da gamba for sale

Je vous transmets un message d'Arnaud Giral, luthier: "Chers ami(e)s, Je viens vers vous pour vous faire part de l'annonce d'un client qui souhaite se séparer de ses instruments. En effet, son travail lui prenant trop de temps sur l'apprentissage de la viole, il estime que ces deux violes doivent revenir dans "des mains plus … Continue reading Violes de gambe à vendre | Viola da gamba for sale

Sacqueboute à vendre | Sackbut for sale

Sacqueboute Alto Mib construite par Jürgen VOIGT, maître artisan à Markneukirchen, Allemagne. Eb Alto Sackbut built by Jürgen VOIGT, instrument maker at Markneukirchen, Germany. Achetée en août 1995. Instrument en excellent état, révisé en mai 2014. Prix demandé: 1000 € Pour plus d'informations, merci de contacter le vendeur directement: Christian Chandellier (Montargis, France) :  

Sacqueboute à vendre / Sackbut for sale

A vendre sacqueboute d'occasion Ewald Meinl (2011). Prix proposé: 3500 € (avec son embouchure et son étui rigide). Pour plus d'infos, contactez: Sackbut for sale (second-hand, model by Ewald Meinl, 2011)Asked price: 3500 € (with its mouthpiece and solid case) For further information, please contact:    

Clavecin à vendre / Harpsichord for sale

Message from Lillian Gordis: Zuckermann French Harpsichord for Sale Dear All, I am selling my harpsichord as I have finally purchased another one here in Europe.  I am very fond of it and would love for it to find a new home where it will be played regularly. Please find the details posted below ! … Continue reading Clavecin à vendre / Harpsichord for sale