David Sutherland on building harpsichords and early keyboards

Interesting story "...When he was a teenager, he’d visited the shop of one of the better harpsichord makers in the world. His name was John Challis. He worked in Ypsilanti and later Detroit. Sutherland was hooked. He wanted to build harpsichords. His parents persuaded him that going to college made more sense..." Continue reading & … Continue reading David Sutherland on building harpsichords and early keyboards


Save the Stradivarius tonewood : Crowdfunding

Message from E. Ciresa, Val di Fiemme The extremely stormy weather that at the end of October struck the forests of the Fiemme Valley, in some areas in altitude damaged also the resonance spruces, uprooting the trees. These perfect logs, grown for 150-200-250 years with very fine and straight grain, are used for making musical … Continue reading Save the Stradivarius tonewood : Crowdfunding

Recettes de Vernis | Varnish Recipes

Une base de données de recettes de vernis issues de sources écrites anciennes, utile pour les luthiers & facteurs d'instruments anciens. A database of varnish recipes found in an ancient textual sources, a useful link for period instruments makers. Vernix ...donne accès à plusieurs centaines de recettes de vernis. Ces recettes proviennent d’une vingtaine de … Continue reading Recettes de Vernis | Varnish Recipes